10 Foods That Make Body Odor and How to Get Rid of It

Without realizing it, there are actually a lot of foods that cause body odor, which many people often consume. Some of these types of food include garlic, onions, red meat, sea fish, and spicy foods.

The trigger for body odor is actually not only from food. But there are many other factors that can also trigger body odor. Such as obesity, toxins from body organs, rarely cleaning the body, skin infections, rarely changing clothes, and having health problems.

It’s just that, of all the factors that trigger body odor. Food is one of the biggest factors that can make body odor unpleasant.

Therefore, to find out more clearly what foods cause body odor, on this occasion. I will review them in full especially for you. Listen together, let’s!

List of Foods That Make Body Odor

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of types of food that make body odor. For this reason, this time, CekAja.com has summarized 10 foods that make body odor unpleasant. The 10 foods, including:

1. Garlic

Who doesn’t know that garlic is one type of food that makes body odor? The content of Allicin compounds or sulfite compounds owned by garlic. Turns out to be able to release an unpleasant aroma from the body.

The reason is, the Allicin compound can break down quickly after you consume garlic. Not only that, when the Allicin compound breaks down it will be immediately converted into other substances.

So, if the substance is mixed with bacteria or sweat, the unpleasant body odor will appear immediately.

2. Junk food

For those of you who are junk food lovers. Did you know that junk food is one type of food that makes body odor?

Even though the taste of junk food is very delicious, this food can actually make the body smell bad.

This is due to the high sugar and salt content in junk food. What’s more, junk food is cooked using hydrogenated oils. Which, this oil contains unhealthy saturated fat and high cholesterol.

That way, after consuming junk food, it will rot in the stomach and make the body emit an unpleasant aroma. Therefore, when you want to eat junk food, you should not overdo it as much as possible.

3. Red meat

Several types of red meat, such as beef, goat, lamb, and horse. Turn out to be foods that make body odor unpleasant. How come?

This food takes a long time to be able to carry out the digestion process properly.

Because if the process of digestion does not run smoothly, it will only cause poison, accompanied by bad-smelling gases. And later, the gas will spread throughout the body, then make the body have a bad smell.

4. Broccoli and cabbage

Who would have thought that broccoli and cabbage were one type of food that made body odor? In fact, these two types of vegetables are very delicious to eat and provide many good benefits for health.

However, despite the many benefits provided, broccoli and cabbage have a high sulfur content. So when you eat it, your stomach will feel bloated and you will fart, which makes your body smell bad.

5. Sea fish

The type of food that makes the next body odor is sea fish. Even though it is known as a food that can increase intelligence. Sea fish can also give the body an unpleasant aroma, especially in the armpits.

Especially for those who have trimethylaminuria, which is a genetic disorder of body odor. In the form of the body’s inability to break down certain types of protein. Including amino acids in marine fish that can cause sweat with bad odor.

6. Asparagus

When it comes to body odor, asparagus doesn’t actually have the direct effect of body odor and underarm odor. However, asparagus can increase sweat production, which is the main cause of body odor.

Therefore, asparagus is one type of vegetable and food that makes body odor unpleasant. To prevent this from happening, you can avoid or reduce the amount of asparagus consumption.

7. Foods with amino acid content

Eggs, milk, seafood, fish oil, various soy products, broccoli, liver, and nuts are all types of food. That taste delicious and are consumed by many people. But unfortunately, all types of food have a high amino acid content.

As is well known, amino acid protein is one of the factors that cause body odor.

So, if you eat too much and often eat these types of food. It is possible that your body will have an unpleasant smell.

8. Red onion

Apart from garlic, onions also turn out to be foods that make body odor unpleasant.

The reason is when you eat onions and digest them. Later the spicy oil released by the onions will absorb into the bloodstream. Enter the lungs and exit through the breath.

The spicy oil is what will make the body and breath feel bad. The more you eat red onions, the longer your body will store and smell bad.

9. Curry and caraway

In ninth place, there is curry and cumin, which are foods that make body odor. This is because curry and cumin affect pore waste for several days. Which can make the urine smell stronger than usual and become unpleasant.

But if you still want to use these two ingredients for daily consumption. You can mix them with cream or milk products.

However, it would be better if you replace the curry and cumin with cardamom and ginger. Which actually gives the body a pleasant aroma.

10. Spicy food

The last type of food is spicy food. The gas released through the skin is effectively able to make the body emit an unpleasant smell.  Which can last up to several hours.

Not only that, spicy food also triggers the sweat holes to open bigger, and sweat production increases. So, with the amount of sweat that is produced. The possibility of the body emitting an unpleasant smell is even greater.

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Body Odor

If in the previous discussion you already know what foods make body odor. Then in this discussion, you will find out how to get rid of body odor easily.

Because in fact, there are many ways to get rid of body odor that you can do, including:

  • Using a deodorant
  • Using clothes made from natural fibers
  • Make sure the clothes used are clean
  • Bathing in the right way
  • Avoid or reduce consumption of spicy foods
  • Minimizing stress
  • Diligently clean underarm hair and intimate area
  • And so forth.

You can do all these methods to prevent bad body odor. The reason is, the unpleasant body odor makes a person lose confidence.

Not only that, but bad body odor also makes people around us feel uncomfortable around us.

Therefore, avoiding consuming foods that make body odor. And taking several other ways to get rid of body odor is very important.

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