Although Smelly, Benefits of Walang Sangit Leaves Effective Overcome Body Odor and Prevent Early Aging

The benefits of sangit walang leaves are good for health. For most people, all this time walang leaves are identical to plants that are usually used as a mixture of bait for fishing tilapia.

Sangit walang plant which in a foreign language is called Achasma walang (Blume), usually grows in the yard of the house. Sangit walang grows almost in all regions in Indonesia.  Walang sangit leaf has a distinctive aroma.

Walang leaves have a scent that is similar to stinky walang animals when squeezed. The aroma is very strong piercing the nose. I was so smelly if exposed to the hands the smell will disappear long enough. Although the smell is not pleasant and is often overlooked, the benefits of sangit walang leaves are very good for overcoming various health problems.

Walang leaves are small like cassava leaves, but the edges of the leaves are jagged. Walang leaves contain various nutrients such as vitamins, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and various other minerals that are good for our body health.

Benefits of Walang Sangit Leaves for Health

With so many nutrients that are in the stinky rice cake, no wonder that this one leaf has good properties for health. Then what are the properties of sangit walang leaves for health? Reporting from several sources, here we summarize the health benefits of walang sangit leaves for health:

1. Eliminating Body Odor

Even though it has an unpleasant odor. It turns out that the walang sangit leaves are effective in removing body odor. That is because the leaves of sangit walang contain aldehydes which can eliminate body odor.

To feel the benefits, you can simply boil a few leaves of walang sangit with enough water to boil. Wait for the cooking water to cool, then drink regularly and feel the difference. Your body odor will gradually disappear.

2. Prevent Premature Aging and Maintain Skin Health

The benefits of the next sangit walang leaf can prevent premature aging. The content of vitamins and various minerals present in sangit walang leaves play a role in maintaining the health of your skin. Not only prevents damage to skin cells. But sangit walang leaves are also able to prevent premature aging. Overcome dull skin, eliminate wrinkles, and so on.

3. Maintain Bone Strength

Sangit walang leaves turned out to be able to maintain and nourish bone strength. The content of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. On the leaves of this walang is very instrumental in maintaining the health and strength of your bones.

4. Healthy Teeth

The next benefit of sangit walang leaves is being able to maintain healthy teeth. That is because the leaves of Sangit walang have a high calcium content. Calcium is a nutrient that is needed by the body to maintain healthy teeth. By diligently eating walang sangit leaves as a decoction, you will have teeth that are stronger and not easily porous.

5. Smooth Blood Circulation

With proper and regular consumption of walang sangit leaves, blood circulation in your body will be smoother. Sangit walang leaves contain various vitamins such as iron and phosphorus, which can promote blood circulation. Smooth blood circulation will certainly make our body healthier. With smooth blood circulation, the organs of the body will not be easily disturbed.

6. Prevent Anemia

Benefits of the next sangit walang leaf which can prevent anemia. Containing iron, walang leaves can facilitate blood circulation. The iron in walang leaves also helps the body to form hemoglobin. If hemoglobin or erythrocytes are met sufficiently, then the problem of anemia will not occur.

7. Neutralize Toxins in the Body

Some studies mention, sangit walang leaves can be used to neutralize poisons or toxins in the body. The poison will come out when we urinate.

8. Overcoming Ulcer

The benefits of sangit walang leaves are good for heartburn sufferers. That is because the leaves of sangit walang have sulfonylurea and sodium-sulfur compounds. Both of these compounds are contained in various drugs for heartburn and diabetes.

9. Maintain Immunity and Body Vitality

Various vitamins that are quite high in the leaves of walang sangit play an active role in maintaining the immunity and vitality of our body. Try regularly drinking walang leaf stew to get its properties.

10. Increase appetite

Benefits of sangit walang leaf besides being good for health is also believed to be effective as an appetite enhancer drug. In a study published in Clinical Of Food & Nutrition in 2001, it was mentioned that the content of Momordica and trichosanic acid in the leaves of sangit walang plays a role in increasing your appetite.

11. Maintain Eye Health

Containing vitamin A which is quite high, leaves of sangit walang are very good for maintaining eye health.

Those are some summaries of the benefits of sangit walang leaves that we can convey. If you are hesitant to consume the leaves of this stinky rice pest. You can consult with your doctor first, to avoid various possibilities.

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