Why Can’t Gamblers Stop?

Nobody likes to lose – even those who are addicted to gambling. But still, they continue to bet. If the city always wins, why not put money together? Gambling addicts say that, despite their overwhelming defeat. There is a sense that takes them back to the card table or slot machine.

“I want to gamble all the time,” said a former gambler who recovered to Scientific American in 2013. “I like it – I like the taste I get.”

And recently, a Wall Street executive admitted that he tricked his family. Friends, and other people up to the US $100 million. Or more than Rp1.3 trillion to finance his hobby.

“That is only one way that I can get money to fulfill my gambling addiction,” he told the court.

But if someone loses money – maybe even loses work or home as a result of gambling. How can that sense of satisfaction outweigh their sacrifice?

Psychological Problems

The first thing to remember is, people, gamble not just because the prospect wins. Mark Griffiths, a psychologist at Nottingham Trent University. Whose specialty is addicted behavior says that gamblers have a lot of motivation for their habits.

In a survey of 5,500 gamblers, the prospect of “winning a lot of money” was the strongest factor. But then followed by “because it’s fun” and “because it’s fun”.

“Even when you lose gambling, your body still produces adrenaline and endorphins,” he said.

“People buy entertainment.”

This finding is supported by a 2009 study by researchers from the University of Stanford in California. Who found that about 92% of people have “lost their basic limits” that they cannot release.

Even so, the fact that they lost money after visiting the casino. For example, did not affect their enjoyment of the experience.

“People seem to be quite satisfied with small wins, and they will tolerate small losses”. Said one of the study authors, Sridhar Narayanan, at the time.

“They realize that in the long run, they will lose rather than win.”

And for the time being, losing can encourage a positive response to victory. This is caused by the gamblers’ expectations of victory change as they lose constantly.

The Temptation to Win That Cannot Be Withstanding

Robb Rutledge, a neuroscientist at University College, London. And colleagues conducted experiments on 26 subjects. Whose brains were scanned as they made a series of choices. Each of which could show certain and uncertain results – a gamble.

Participants were also asked to rate their happiness scale after each turn or after guessing three times. And a similar experiment. Without a brain scan, was conducted on more than 18,000 participants in a smartphone application. The Great Brain Experiment.

The Great Brain Experiment

Various interesting findings, the team found that when participants had lower expectations that they would win. Their response to getting a reward was worth it.

This is then proven both by the subject’s report that they are happy and the data from the fMRI scan. This scan shows increased activity in areas of the brain that are connected with the dopamine nerve.

Dopamine, a complex nervous transmitter, can, in this case, be connected with changes in emotional states.

“If people lose a lot, it will lower their expectations. And this will increase their excitement when they win,” Rutledge said.

This taste alone is tempting enough.

“If some bad things happen to you in a row then your expectations go down. But then you get a good result, and you might be happier,” he said.

“Even at this point, you should have left.”

Gambling Addiction Factor

But can tools such as gambling machines be able to actively manipulate? Griffiths wrote about the sign or instructions given by the electronic game machine to the player.

Little is known about the design of these machines in player behavior. But, for example, many machines and casinos use red or something similar. Which is considered more stimulating.

Then there are also sounds and sounds. Griffiths considered the possibility that the ridicule of a machine that represented the antagonistic character of The Simpsons affected the player.

For example, when a player loses, Mr. Smithers’s character says, “You are fired!”

“In line with the hypotheses that support the theory of frustration and cognitive regret. So this can make gambling tools more tempting,” Griffiths wrote in one paper.

One of the key factors for how to add a gamble is how often a player can bet.

Because the availability of opportunities to gamble is related to the level of the problem of gambling addiction in a community. Griffiths says that the number of rewards that can be given. And not the actual rewards or even the type of gambling. Gives rise to pathological gamblers.

Many Substitute Gifts Are Already Designed

Games and machines are sometimes designed to keep players interested by offering substitute prizes. Such as additional credit. Or, after losing, the chance of winning is greater than usual in the next opportunity.

“If you give small rewards that aren’t merely money, then people will still respond,” Griffiths said.

And interestingly, there are examples of cases. Where gamblers develop “shadow skills” as a justification for obtaining the possibility of reward.

Griffiths gave an example of a game machine https://gettradr.com/ in England that was designed with adaptive logic. That the tool would provide more than what was given by consumers in certain periods. And after that, the tool would return to the normal system.

This means that some players will try to find (or “skim”) machines that have not yet given a jackpot. Hoping that they will be there when the machine gives the jackpot.


All the findings of this study conclude that gambling is not always a matter of winning. But rather the process of betting. And other factors around it that make it fun.

Although gambling addiction cannot be explained simply. Sometimes there are many reasons that give rise to addiction to someone. But it’s certainly interesting to see how the excitement is related to the structure. And the style of the game being played.

And even when gambling isn’t a problematic obsession. The game is still entertaining for those who come home with empty bags.

Then, bet on red or black? But it doesn’t seem to matter.

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Note it! These are 5 Reasons for Bad Breath when Wearing a Mask

Have you ever realized that wearing a mask can cause bad breath? If so, that means you are a ‘victim’ of halitosis.

According to Academi General Dentistry, up to 80 million people experience chronic bad breath. However, bad breath can also be a sign of illness and condition, some of which are serious.

Here are 5 main reasons why your mouth smells:

1. Do not brush teeth properly

Poor dental care is a major cause of bad breath. When food is trapped between your teeth and under your gums. Bacteria are busy breaking it down, leaving a foul-smelling gas.

One way to find out if your mouth is smelling is by flossing your teeth and kissing it. If there is a bad odor in the thread, it means that your breath smells, the dentist said.

The fix is to brush your teeth using fluoride toothpaste twice a day. Dessert liquid and gum can only cover up the odor for a while, but they don’t reduce bacteria.

2. Eat or drink something that smells

Coffee, garlic, fish, eggs, onions, spicy foods can easily cause bad breath.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, allyl methyl sulfide in coffee, onions. And garlic can survive in your bloodstream and are expelled by breath for up to 72 hours after consumption.

Overcome by eating other foods such as lemons, parsley. And fresh fruits or vegetables to stimulate the production of saliva, which can clean the dirt in the mouth.

3. Eat sweet foods

Sugar is a food that bacteria like very much in the mouth and can leave a smell. Dentists recommend consuming regular chocolate because it has less sugar than candy.

4. Low-carb diets

Eating lots of protein and a little carbohydrate forces your body into ketosis ‘mode’, when the body’s system starts burning fat cells for energy.

This process creates a waste product called ketone, which is excreted in urine and breath. Drinking enough water can get ketones out of the body.

5. Breathe through the mouth

At night, saliva production decreases, which is why you wake up with bad breath. Even after diligently brushing your teeth.

Breathing or snoring can make the mouth drier, and cause breathing to smell more. This condition is called xerostomia. This can also occur when you use a mask.

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This Cause You Must Be Wary of Hoaxes

This is the first time I feel handsome and not very experienced. How is it possible that usually not confused when trying to get on an airplane. It turns out to be confused about the seven rounds.

Even in my mind, “you are senile, you know that the airport kog is confused but you are confused. (You are already senile, you usually go to the airport, but you are acting awkwardly).”

In my heart, I laughed with amusement. If it continues I can be ashamed because everyone who wants to get on a plane. Should understand flight rules and procedures. How come this is just confused like a daze.

Inwardly, am I really too old, how could I get confused when I want to get on an airplane? Even though I have used this mode of air transportation so many times. Hopefully, I am not in a senile state because according to my grandmother’s enlightenment. I should still be productive and able to adjust to existing situations and conditions.

Understandably at a young age, and so much information is spread on social media. The incident should have made me laugh and be ashamed to not happen.

Surprised by the rapid change of Radin Inten II Airport.

About a year ago I set foot on a plane that first entered the Radin Inten II airport in Lampung. Because I was participating in training activities. So I should have fully understood the experience of using airplanes and trinkets.

Unfortunately, this time I looked like a fool because when I entered the airport. Understandably because I did not realize. The runway of this aircraft is so beautiful because it continues to be poked by the government. And coincidentally when reconstruction was carried out. I tread the yard when part of it was still being worked on and not yet at the finishing stage. Maybe because of changes and reconstruction here and there, as a result of I was a potential user to be confused. No wonder if I really have to ask some airport officers who are still on standby there. Like when I entered the parking lot it turned out through the wrong lane. As a result, I also seemed confused and repeatedly warned by other travelers.

It was a very shameful experience and not worth repeating.

Actually the destination to the airport, not intending to leave at that time. But I do not remember that now can be directly online. Many ticket sales platforms or applications are available on the Google Play Store. Strangely maybe because I was nervous, I also asked a figure I didn’t recognize. And I believe what is said that tickets can be bought at the airport. Well, because of that inaccuracy, I feel misled by invalid information.

And because of this curiosity, I also asked if there were ticket sales at the airport. It turned out that the results were zero. At the airport, I did not find a ticket sales counter because it had closed a few months ago. There are areas outside the airport apparently also closed.

Incidentally, there is an airport officer who offers ticket booking. But I then refused because I was not sure about the people I just knew. Even though inside the check-in room itself there is a special counter for ticket purchases for passengers. Who wants to get the remaining tickets, or by chance a prospective passenger who booked turned out to cancel it. Well, in that trapped situation tickets could be bought for the next flight.

Unfortunately many things that make us not want to confirm the news delivered to others. Alias ​​we believe too much what people say without checking and re-checking. The address of misinformation can be fatal. Where departures are supposed to be on time. Eh apparently have to miss the flight and have to look for tickets on the next flight.

Do not easily believe the news circulating

In our lives, we often find news that is easily spread on our mobile homepage. Good news originating from online media that has not been verified. Fraud SMS, and callers in the name of certain parties who want to deceive their victims.

The news disseminators basically want to cheat or get profit. One of them can ensnare victims. Want to blackmail the victims and use their negligence for the sake of rupiah.

As in the case of a teacher who suddenly gets the news, there is a training location. So far away that it costs a lot of money. Feeling obliged to follow him, he also just trusted that information. Moreover, those who call claim to be from the relevant department.

What makes it awkward and suspect is when the callers or fraudsters. Go straight to the point asking for a transfer of some money.

For someone who is easy to believe without confirming, the figure will easily become a potential victim. And if the information is true. Of course, it must be confirmed by the direct supervisor and the department that usually deals with official travel. From there they can find information about whether the news is true. Or googling and looking for related information, is that information true.

Now, if we believe the information is valid. Then we must contact the parties who are indeed authorized so that the information can really be trusted.

To be sure, in the digital age. All new information will be easy to find that maybe just fake news or hoaxes. But a wise person will always look for the truth of that information. So that things don’t happen that are not desirable and become victims of irresponsible people.

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Social Experiments Amid the Complex Indonesian Political Feel

It is undeniable that the atmosphere leading up to the election like today is getting hotter and hotter. Indonesian society seems to be divided into two camps, one is Jokowi’s camp, the other is Prabowo’s camp. Plus the presence of social media that feels increasingly adds “hot” political nuances in Indonesia. Just because it’s invisible, people don’t hesitate to mock one another, insult, and knock each other down.

The tension is even more depressing, not limited to gimmick or confession in cyberspace. Many people have to lose friends or family. And fight just because of different political choices. Not too long ago there was news that the body had to be moved. Only because the owner of the tomb had a different political choice!

A Group of Students Making Social Experiment Video

In the midst of the complicated nuances of politics in Indonesia at this time. A group of MA Al-Muddatsiriyah students, Jakarta, made a social experiment that made the heart cool. What was their viral experiment like?

A group of students who are members of the MA Al-Muddatsiriyah journalism is making a video of social experiments. Related to differences in political choices which are currently hot and hot

Students at MA Al-Muddatsiriyah (MA MDSR) created a social experiment video titled “My Handshake If Our Political Choices Are Different”. In the 10-minute video, 3 students stand on the pedestrian bridge, each carrying a board with different writing. One of the writings: “I support candidate pair 01, but if you support candidate pair 02 please shake my hand”. Another opposite and the board in the middle contains the signatures of those who shake their hands.

Their video conducting a social experiment caught the attention of citizens. And apparently unexpectedly, many also shook their hands.

Behind the barbaric attitude of people when it comes to political choices. Apparently there are still many who long for peace on this motherland. As evidenced by the many people who shake the hands of the students.

At the beginning of the video, there was indeed no one who was willing to shake hands. Maybe at the thought “what are these boys doing?”, And they just walked away. But after there was 1 person who started, the others became follow-up. This video is viral and widely discussed in cyberspace.

What did We get From Thos Video?

Yes because after all, we are standing on the same ground, struggling amid the same problems. So, what is the point of being hostile just because of different political choices??

Apart from the fact that there were no advantages. Splitting up so that some camps actually made us as a nation look weak in the eyes of the world. Fear that such a situation will, in fact, be exploited by other countries for personal gain. Instead, we must remain compact and united. Whatever the situation and however diverse we are. Do not just because of different political choices. We become like sparking conflict. It is even sadder if the families fight because of the different choices. Even before the election chaos. They just got along well together.

Guys, different choices are not your sin. Want to choose 01 or 02 is fine. Of course, each of you has your own considerations. No need to look for other people’s choice of loopholes. Whoever the leader is, let us pray together so that Indonesia can become better in the future. ‘If Indonesia is more prosperous and victorious. We are also the ones who feel it.

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