Care for Your Body: Your Body Suddenly Gives Off Bad Body Odor, It’s Time for You to do Self-Detoxification

Often we wonder, what is the need for detoxing the body?

We know, the body basically has the ability to clean itself every now and then.

The body will also give us an indication if it really needs “help”.

Your immune system, kidneys, and liver work together to flush toxins from your body as soon as they enter them.

However, when these toxins exceed the body’s ability to excrete them. They are then stored within us for long periods of time until we take action to eliminate them completely.

As we know, toxins are harmful foreign substances that enter the body. If it is not removed by the immune system. It can be stored in the body for years without showing any signs that it is there. Only when the toxin levels rise to a point where the body can’t keep up. With them do you begin to experience a variety of symptoms, signaling the need for detoxification?

Where Did the Poison Come From? This is it:

  • Environmental Toxins

These toxins usually come from industrial premises where there are cars, water and air pollution, radiation, pesticides, and herbicides; or in cleaning products, hair sprays, perfumes and make-up that can be found at homeLifestyle toxins:

  • Lifestyle Toxins

Usually, come from chemicals that we introduce into our bodies. Such as sugar, prescription drugs, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco.

  • Metabolic Reactions

When our bodies start to break down proteins, sugars, and fats, they naturally start to produce toxic waste. When the diet doesn’t contain enough nutrients, toxins build up in the body.

  • Intestinal Microbes

The digestive tract is filled with yeast and bacteria which aid in the digestion of food. When there is an overgrowth of bacteria in the intestinal tract. Then toxins enter the bloodstream and result in various health conditions.

  • Emotional Toxins

An event of stress, fear, or trauma can affect the nervous system and hormones. Which in turn affect your body’s ability to detoxify.

Your Body Needs to Detoxify

This is a sign when your body needs to detoxify:

1. You have extra weight that doesn’t change

If you’ve tried to lose weight by exercising and counting calories and it’s not changing. Your toxic load could be the reason it’s not working.

Many toxins are lipophilic, which means they are stored in body fat. These lipophilic toxins include dioxins, PCBs, and many pesticides.

So it only makes sense that if you have this excess toxin, it seems unlikely to lose any extra pounds.

2. Unexplained fatigue

If you get eight hours of sleep and wake up exhausted, your toxic load could be the reason.

A high toxic load is an extra stress on your body, which can be a challenge for your adrenal glands.

Long-term chronic stress from high toxic loads can cause adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue makes you feel tired and fatigued. Some toxins can also directly interfere with adrenal function.

For example, caffeine is known to have a negative impact on your adrenals.

3. Insomnia

If your body is stressed due to a high toxic load, your cortisol levels can take a hit.

Cortisol is a hormone that you release to help you deal with stress.

Normal and healthy cortisol levels are highest in the morning and lowest at night.

However, if the hormones are out of balance, at night the levels can get too high. This makes you feel very energetic and unable to sleep.

Experiencing insomnia can wreak havoc on your health. So it’s important to sleep on time and get at least eight hours of sleep a day.

4. Blurred thinking

Many toxins directly affect the brain, including aspartame and MSG (monosodium glutamate).

The impact of these poisons includes feeling somewhat out of time. It is important to cut out aspartame and MSG. Because they are excitotoxins, meaning they actually make our brain cells die.

Aspartame is found in many sugar-free drinks, diet foods, and toothpaste. MSG is found in many processed foods.

5. Unexplained headache

Common poisons that cause headaches include MSG and aspartame, as discussed above.

However, many other poisons also cause headaches, including heavy metals, artificial dyes, and artificial preservatives.

6. Mood swings

If you experience mood swings it can indicate that your hormones are out of balance.

Some toxins, such as xenoestrogens, cause hormonal imbalances in both women and men.

Xenoestrogens are synthetic compounds that act like estrogens in your body. Sources include industrial compounds such as PCB, BPA, and phthalates.

Avoiding plastics should have the effect of reducing your xenoestrogen load.

7. Bad body odor

If you suffer from bad breath or foul-smelling gas and stools. It can indicate your toxic load is too high and your liver. And intestines are having some trouble getting rid of toxins.

You can help your liver by adding milk thistle, doing a coffee enema. Or washing the liver (using olive oil and lemon juice).

Cleaning the liver is very aggressive and requires a lot of planning.

In comparison, coffee enemas are much easier. Both are very effective ways to detoxify the liver.

8. Constipation

It is very important to remove waste from your body on a daily basis.

If you don’t defecate every day, the toxins are reabsorbed into the bloodstream making you highly toxic.

Drinking more water and increasing your fiber intake can help with constipation.

9. Muscle aches and pains

If you suffer from unexplained muscle aches and pains, you can have a high toxic load.

Some toxins stimulate pain receptors in muscles leading to muscle spasms, knots, and general muscle pain.

The toxins can have an immediate effect on your muscles or they may be delayed. Keep a log of your daily activity to try and highlight the poison or poisons responsible.

10. Skin reactions

Your liver needs to be able to get rid of most of the toxins you use to expose your body.

However, if your liver is overloaded by too many toxins. The skin should try to get rid of the excess toxins on behalf of the liver. This can cause pimples, skin rashes, or boils.

11. Sensitivity to the Aroma

If you are very sensitive to different scents, you can become very toxic.

If your liver doesn’t detoxify effectively, you may become more sensitive to different scents. This sensitivity can cause headaches and nausea.

If you think your toxic burden is too high, it is important to reduce your exposure to toxins.

Eating clean organic food whenever possible, keeping the body well hydrated, and exercising a reasonable amount is helpful.

You can also do a safe cleansing or detox to get rid of excess toxins.


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